Brother Sister


Brother Sister

The Brand New Heavies

Genre: R&B/Soul

  1. gives it a: 4/5

    Such an important and meaningful record to me during last half of the 90’s. This record is timeless.

    This is not just a record, but an experience. Every moment of this record is sequenced from start to finish. You have to listen to it in order and in one sitting, like watching a film.

    Atlanta, GA native N’Dea Davenport truly shines on this record. So soulful, strong and full of personality, Davenport’s vocals drive the record.

    The rest of The Brand New Heavies cannot go unmentioned. The rhythm section of Jan Kincaid’s drumming and Andrew Levy’s bass build the foundation for each song. Simon Bartholomew’s guitars adds color to each song. Jan Kincaid’s background vocals are also remarkable.

    However it’s the songs themselves that are the true stars. There is not one bad song this record. So many genres are covered as well: reggae, funk, disco, R&B and jazz.

    My favorite song is still, “Forever,” one of the most beautiful, heartfelt and emotional love songs ever.

    This record takes you on a journey of sound and emotion. Highly recommend.