…Like Clockwork


…Like Clockwork

Queens of the Stone Age

Genre: Rock

Queens Of The Stone Age has confirmed June 4 as the release date for its sixth studio album ... Like Clockwork on Matador Records. The band has also unveiled the new album's stunning artwork by UK artist Boneface (http://www.boneface.co.uk/). ... Like Clockwork's release is preceded by first single "My God Is The Sun," which received its recent live debut in Queens Of The Stone Age's Lollapalooza Brazil set, and has just been unveiled via radio premieres, respectively, in the UK with Zane Lowe and in the U.S. on KROQ. Described by Queens principal Joshua Homme as "an audio documentary of Read more on Last.fm.

  1. gives it a: 4/5

    This record made me a fan. I’m unable to pinpoint why I had an issue with these guys. They have all the elements of good rock music. Come on, Dave Grohl is their “go to” drummer!

    I decided to check this record and on the first listen it grabbed me. Sonically this record explores lots of textures. There’s a lot of detail to mixing, effects and space. The drums sound great. They’re dry but it fits the songs.

    Once I got over Josh Homme’s vocals, something about his vibrato, I enjoyed this music. This is advanced, high-level, art-rock.

    Definitely one of the best records of 2013.

  2. gives it a: 5/5

    If you are even remotely into rock ‘n roll or good music, this is essential listening for 2013. It’s a quantum leap forward for Josh Homme, and it’s just about as good as it gets.