Sigh No More


Sigh No More

Mumford & Sons

  1. gives it a: 5/5

    Finally got around to listening to this after hearing the name all over the place. I was very surprised how much I ended up enjoying this album. Great folksy feel with wonderful melodious vocals.

  2. gives it a: 5/5

    Nunca tanto.

  3. gives it a: 3/5

    Every song on this album is outstanding. I love it when a whole album is solid opposed to hit and miss tracks. Can’t wait for their second.

  4. gives it a: 5/5

    Fantastic album…not revolutionary, but still very powerful and a must listen to for this year.

  5. gave it a: 4/5

    Modern music that makes you believe in music again! Great debut album, kinda makes you nervous for their followup, coming out of the gate this strong.

  6. gives it a: 4/5

    I think Mumford & Sons will eventually be recognized as a new form of bluegrass instead of folk- but I digress. Enthralling songwriting is accompanied by music that’s suitable (which is more important than being phenomenal, sometimes) in songs that you find yourself singing.

  7. gives it a: 5/5

    This is one of the best debut cds I have ever heard… in my opinion.