3 thoughts on “Scars & Stories”

  1. If you want music you can comfortably shop with your lady at Macy’s to, a quarter life crisis beginning to rear its head in the visible distance, pick up this khaki wall paper. Nothing says mini vans, juice boxes and no sex ever again like this evil, satanic hunk of post Chris Daughtry drivel.

  2. Vice: Liquor, Beer, Wine
    Mind’s Eye: VH1, Lots of chicks in the crowd, Lots of guy’s stuck there b/c of their girlfriend
    Consume With: Applebee’s, Chili’s, Ruby Tuesday’s
    Sex: Foreplay, Missionary, Over
    Primary Sounds: Piano, Snare Drum, Choruses
    Colors: Khakis, Pinstripe, Neutral
    For Fans Of: Kings Of Leon, Coldplay, One Republic
    What I’d Say: Who? The what? What does that even mean?

  3. Standout Tracks:
    I Can Barely Say,

    Eh….this kinda sounds like “The Fray” and “How to Save a Life”….third times the charm…or just really repetitive and tired. Don’t bother buying this just listen to the other two albums, you can’t tell a difference. If you love The Fray you’ll love this album, they haven’t changed a bit.

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