The Downward Spiral


The Downward Spiral

Nine Inch Nails

Genre: Rock

The Downward Spiral (also known as Halo 8) is the third major release by American Industrial rock act Nine Inch Nails, released in 1994 on Reznor's own Nothing Records (a vanity label of Interscope Records). "Halo 8" of the official Nine Inch Nails halo releases, it is a concept album detailing the destruction of an undisclosed man; from the beginning to his climatic suicide. The album was a major commercial success that secured Nine Inch Nails as a force in the 1990s music scene Read more on

  1. gives it a: 5/5

    Awesome. Just it.

  2. gives it a: 5/5

    The opus of the most audacious electronic maverick since Wendy Carlos; a gutteral, violent, poetic and damaged nihilistic fantasia of startling dynamics.