Random Access Memories


Random Access Memories

Daft Punk

Genre: Pop

Random Access Memories is the fourth studio album by French electronic music duo Daft Punk. It was released by Daft Life under exclusive license to Columbia Records on May 17, 2013 in Australia, May 20, 2013 in the United Kingdom and on May 21, 2013 in the United States. Work started on the record concurrently with the Tron: Legacy score, without a clear plan as to what its structure would be. Shortly after Daft Punk signed with Columbia, a gradual promotional rollout began for the album including billboards Read more on Last.fm.

  1. gives it a: 4/5

    I love this album, but why all the hype? Did I miss something? A few tracks drag a bit, but overall it’s a pretty solid album.

  2. gives it a: 5/5

    Like a Twilight Zone trip to some easy listening depot, this is one of those surprise knock outs. I was expecting sub par digital gymnastics, a retread devoid of color. Instead, its deliciously varied, with long list of cameos actually serving to add flare.

  3. gives it a: 4/5

    I think I like the idea of this record more than the record itself; it represents taking a chance with real recorded music instead of pushing further and further into the digital ether. To me, it drags a bit, but it’s catchy and the production is staggering.

  4. gives it a: 5/5

    Can’t recall a record in recent years that has made me feel this way. This record is extraordinary on so many levels. The amount of detail, time and passion in this record is so inspiring.

    There’s a twist and turn in every song. The beauty and mastery is awesome.

    It’s a mixture of dance, progressive rock, art rock, house and pop. No one is doing anything like this at all. They’ve got their own niche.

    The standout track is, “Giorgio by Moroder,” a 9 minute epic complete with a prog rock drum solo. One of 2 amazing drum solos on the record.

    Based on what I’ve heard you either love this record or you’re lukewarm. Personally, I don’t see how you cannot love it. What an amazing piece of work.