Royal Thunder

Genre: Rock

  1. gives it a: 3/5

    I would’ve expected a much thicker, more professional mix, given their recent signing and press surge – the drums in particular sound thin and sloppy, to the point that it detracts. The guitar tone, on the other hand, is still solid and the riffs are RAD, but the songs themselves meander a bit underwhelmingly. Conversely, the highlight is Mlny’s vocals, which soar and wind above and around the crunch of the riffs more confidently and soulfully than ever. They’re thankfully showcased throughout the record, and hopefully they cement her as one of the most noteworthy new voices in music (heavy or otherwise). The voice alone will keep fence-sitters coming back for repeat listens … it’s the difference-maker here. I’ve really enjoyed their debut for years now, so I certainly hope CVI’s a grower. No doubt Royal Thunder’s got my full attention.